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Intrinsicare provide a wide range of services to organisations to enhance workplace effectiveness, productivity and individual wellbeing.


We also assist businesses to carefully manage difficult organisational changes such as workplace restructuring and employee redundancy. Other services delivered by our team include critical incident debriefing, employee assistance counselling, mediation, personnel selection, conflict resolution, and psychological assessment.


Intrinsicare can support organisations in an advisory role to management regarding workplace effectiveness and wellness. We also assist corporations to develop policies and guidelines for workplace practices.


Our team are experienced providers of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s), and provide the service to a wide range of organisations, including the corporate, industrial, government, health and educational sectors. Implementation of an EAP is a useful and efficacious intervention for retaining staff and increasing productivity because it reduces strain from work related and personal/family issues. Intrinsicare EAP services are confidential and tailored to the individual needs of organisations. Furthermore, they are provided by highly skilled Psychologists, dedicated to ensuring that the best outcomes are achieved.


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