Intrinsicare | Work Skills Group
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Work Skills Group

Shifting into Work Mode


This program assists job seekers to enhance their work motivation by building cognitive skills and reducing vocational barriers such as low motivation and negative attitudes.


Exploring Work Pathways


This program supports job seekers to clarify a career direction and prepare a work plan by building their problem solving and goal setting skills, alongside strategies for overcoming existing vocational barriers and low self-esteem/confidence.


Building Social Confidence and Skills for the Workplace


This program bolsters a job seekers chance of success by building their social skills for the workforce, e.g. cold canvassing, interviewing and general communication/interaction skills.


Keeping the Job


This program helps job seekers build on their existing coping repertoire by exploring issues such as life balance, time management, planning and organisation, motivation, problem solving, assertiveness, conflict resolution and stress management.


Note. All of our group programs are run over one day/week. Reverse marketing is available upon request. Feedback and recommendations are also provided to referring agents at service completion.

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