Intrinsicare | Life Skills Groups
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Life Skills Groups

Coping with Difficult Emotions  (Anger Management)


Teaches participants how to overcome influxes of negative emotion and achieve a greater sense of wellbeing through innovative and effective psychological techniques.


Building Motivation for Change


Teaches participants how to build their motivation and get into Action Mode by utilising the Stages of Change Model and problem solving techniques.


Positive Self-Esteem & Confidence


Teaches participants how to unlock their true potential by overcoming self-doubt and criticism.


Communication & Relationships (Social Interaction Skills)


Teaches participants how to assertively communicate their needs to others and listen empathetically for a more rewarding interactive experience.


Life Skills & Community Integration


Teaches participants how to build their confidence and life skills in areas such as: independent living, employment/job seeking, coping skills, problem solving and communication/relationships.


Healthy Thinking Healthy Behaviours


Educates participants regarding the power of the mind and how to gain better control of thoughts, feelings and behaviours so that they can create a healthier and more prosperous life.


Stress Management & Coping Skills


Teaches participants how to balance life effectively and increase happiness through a range of stress management and coping techniques.


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