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Legal Services


Intrinsicare Psychologists have had many years of experience in the forensic field and Criminal Justice System.


For years they have worked alongside law firms, the Department of Justice (Corrections Victoria & the Courts), and the Department of Human Services (Youth Justice) to ensure that offenders receive the best possible psychological rehabilitation services available in order to reduce their risk of reoffending in future.


In 2009 we opened the Forensic Clinic, which aims to improve the accessibility of specialised forensic psychology services to individuals leading criminal lifestyles. Since commencement, our clinic has achieved some outstanding results with all types of people, including people facing severe institutionalisation and addiction.


Our team of Psychologists provide services to youth and adults of all cultures, particularly people who manifest complex and pervasive behavioural problems and psychosocial issues, such as personality disorders, poor impulse control, substance dependency, depression, anxiety, violence, grief and loss, post-traumatic stress, homelessness, unemployment, and institutionalisation.


We provide both private and government funded services. For example, in terms of the latter, we accept Victorian Legal Aid and bulk billing referrals.


Below is a list of services commonly requested by the public:

  • Expert Testimony
  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Psychological Evaluation Reports (Pre-Sentencing/Bail Applications)
  • Competency to Stand Trial Reports
  • Neuropsychological Reports
  • Risk Assessment
  • Treatment Summary Report
  • Offender Rehabilitation Services (e.g., Counselling & Group Treatments)
  • Case Conferencing & Case Planning (Telephone/in person)
  • Seminars & Presentations

Note: These services are provided in both prison and community settings.



Victorian Legal Aid Assessment Services

General Psychological Evaluation


This form of assessment offers an expert opinion on offending behaviour by exploring the clients’ early life, educational, vocational, social, family, medical and psychological background, substance abuse issues, and criminal history.  A mental status examination and diagnostic interview is also included to determine the presence/absence of mental disorders. Furthermore, Psychologists include a risk assessment to determine the likelihood of repeat offending.  At completion a report is provided to referring agents, summarising all findings and concluding with recommendations for treatment.


Neuropsychological Assessment


During a neuropsychological assessment, a Wechsler Intelligence Scale is administered alongside clinical interviewing and other cognitive measures to determine the presence/absence of Intellectual Disability and Acquired Brain Injury. The individual’s strengths and weaknesses are then outlined in terms of cognitive functioning, and a professional opinion is provided regarding the role of cognitive functioning in offending behaviours. Our Neuropsychologists measure cognitive functioning across several domains, including vocabulary and comprehension, general information knowledge, abstract problem solving, attention, concentration/mental control, working memory, and processing speed. At completion, findings are summarised in the form of a report and provided to the referring agent, with recommendations.


Treatment Summary Reports


This type of report is requested when a person has engaged in psychological counselling with Intrinsicare before/after they have been charged with an offence. The report will generally contain the dates that the person attended counselling, a list of diagnoses made, comment regarding their presentation and progress during sessions, a summary of treatments delivered in sessions and recommendations for future rehabilitation.




Forensic Counselling


Our forensic counselling service was specifically designed by Dr Julie Janev to address the needs of those people stuck in offending cycles and unable to break out. Dr Janev is an expert in the assessment and treatment of criminal behaviour, with a doctoral-level qualification in the forensic field from the University of Melbourne. As a result, this service is more specialised than general counselling sessions.


Drawing from popular psychological theories, our Psychologists deliver a comprehensive service that combines specific interventions for offending behaviour with focused interventions for underlying psychological issues and disorders. Forensic counselling also has a career planning and life skills training component that helps clients re-integrate into the community. Risk management is included to monitor risk of recidivism. Furthermore, each session is tailored towards the individual’s level of risk and need to ensure that the best rehabilitation outcomes are achieved.

(Medicare is available for people referred through a General Practitioner)


Read more about common issues treated in our clinic.


We also have group programs such as:

Offence Specific Groups

Life Skill Groups

Job Seekers Programs

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