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Job Seekers


We are dedicated to working with job seekers throughout Melbourne to overcome psychological barriers and discover sustainable employment/study options.


Work Barriers Counselling


This form of counselling aims to minimise psychological barriers impacting a job seeker/employees capacity for work by utilising a range of psychological strategies and techniques. Read more about common barriers that we treat in our clinic.


Career Guidance Counselling


Career Guidance Counselling assists job seekers to clarify a viable and sustainable career direction by administering a combination of psychometric testing, motivational interviewing and other psychological techniques. Individuals are also supported to maximise their chance of successful job placement by participating in solution-focused interventions that convert goals into actions.


Motivational Interviewing (MI)


MI is a useful method for people stuck in dysfunctional patterns of behaviour and resistance, e.g., unemployment. It aims to build motivation, confidence and willingness to change through a person centered and non-directive interaction approach. Utilising carefully selected techniques and strategies, individuals are assisted to rediscover the value of work and identify career options for their future that are both viable and suited to their skill set.


Post Placement Support


This service is useful for clients who are at risk of losing their job because of psychological barriers and limitations, and/or difficulty coping. Linking someone to a professional support service of this type at the right time can act as a preventative measure because it assists individuals to stay in employment longer and overcome psychological distress/barriers whilst engaged in employment.


Consultancy (telephone & on site services available)


Specialist case planning and advisory services are available for staff who require guidance to manage complex and high-risk clients, as well as shared care and case conferencing of joint clients.


Workshops & Programs


The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. In that time, we may face work and life problems that may be stressful to handle. Join our experienced coaches to learn how to better cope and communicate effectively during employment by clicking the link below to find out about our training workshops. Workshops are a fun and interactive way to learn new skills and strategies that are transferrable to all sorts of vocational roles and environments. Read more

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