Intrinsicare | Family Assistance
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Family Assistance


Intrinsicare currently work alongside various family assistance agencies to minimise the impact of psychological barriers on both individuals and families by providing a range of psychological assessment, treatment, consultancy, and training services.



Assessment Services


Psychological functioning assessments


An assessment in which historical information is gathered, which in conjunction with clinical observations and administration of standardised psychometric measures is used to evaluate the extent to which mental health factors, such as mood, disordered thinking, and personality traits have an impact upon the individual’s ability to successfully complete activities of daily living, such as maintaining self-care, employment and appropriate social interaction.


Forensic psychological assessments


Offers a professional opinion regarding the impact of mental health issues upon offending behaviour.


Brief cognitive assessment


Provides a snapshot of the client’s level of cognitive functioning by administering the WAIS-IV (FSIQ only).


Comprehensive neuropsychological assessment


This assessment tests all cognitive domains to determine whether the individual is suffering from cognitive impairment and/or an acquired brain injury impacting their functioning in various areas.


Parent capacity assessment


This form of assessment utilises clinical and diagnostic interviewing, observation, consultation, psychometric testing and review of available documentation to determine whether a parent has the capacity to adequately care for and parent their child. The report includes an evaluation of the person’s current stage of change with regards to resolution of identified parenting barriers, as well as recommendations for rehabilitation and future improvement.


Other Services

  • Relationships counselling


  • Family counselling


  • Individual counselling (available be for children/parents/partners)
  • Group programs and workshops


  • Staff consultation and training
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