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This service provides the referring agent with a report, which includes a professional opinion and diagnosis, based on an exploration of the client’s early life, educational & vocational history, social history, medical & psychological history, substance use history, criminal history, and any other area considered relevant. Psychometric testing is also included, the findings of which are then summarised in the form of report, which often includes a risk assessment (if relevant), behavioural/offence formulation, case management strategies, and recommendations.

A diagnostic assessment is a comprehensive process, ideally completed over a few sessions, whereby information from a semi-structured clinical interview is interpreted in conjunction with psychometric testing and external sources, to form an opinion regarding the presence/absence of psychological disorders. A diagnostic assessment report is often beneficial for funding applications and increased access to support services. It is also useful for treatment and case management purposes because recommendations and strategies are included in the final section of the report.

Neuropsychologists determine a person’s level of intelligence and cognitive functioning by combining clinical interviewing with a variety of psychometric tests (e.g. The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale). Amongst the most common referral questions is whether or not the person is suffering form an Intellectual Disability and/or Acquired Brain Injury. During assessment, the client’s intellectual functioning is measured across several domains, including comprehension, general information knowledge, abstract problem solving, attention, concentration, working memory and processing speed. Neuropsychological assessment reports are beneficial for educating people regarding their cognitive strengths and weaknesses. They are also beneficial for funding applications and cases requiring special consideration by the court. Recommendations are included in the final section of the report.

This form of assessment identifies a person’s underlying work barriers in order to maximise their chance of vocational rehabilitation and employment. Following a comprehensive clinical interview and psychometric testing, referring agents are provided with a summary of results, followed by strategies and recommendations for transitioning the individual back into employment/study.

A Vocational Evaluation offers job seekers professional guidance to identify a realistic and viable career direction. A range of psychological and motivational interviewing techniques are utilised to obtain information, including psychometric testing as necessary. Following the assessment, an action plan is developed for referring organisations, which includes vocational options and recommendations for follow up. Labour market research and reverse marketing are also incorporated upon request.

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